A Slovenian Holy Place

Jeruzalem is something like the Slovenian Belvedere. You cannot run a Google search on Slovenian wines without stumbling upon the painful beauty of the vineyards around the village: these are some views worthy of the name of another sacred place.

A Rare Discovery

The Čurin – Prapotnik winery is something that you can really identify Slovenia with – modest, honest, spotless and definitely worthy of your time. You can find them in the village of Kog, on a hill top in the Ljutomer Ormož region. On one side of it is the famous Jeruzalem while on the other you enter Croatia.

From Stara Trta we just told you about, we take a trip to a village nearby called Malečnik to find a winery on our must-visit list by the name of Joannes Protner. In fact, the owners of the winery have taken grafted grape vine material from Stara Trta (Žametovka – a red Sloveniam grape variety) and planted them two years ago. In a couple of years we look forward to seeing the results from this amazing project and an impressive way to preserve a local legend.

400 Years of Beauty

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia with its impressive 115,000 inhabitants and a dreamy location of the Drava river. On the map, look in the upper right corner, near the border with Austria. OK, now, lets go.

Sense of a Family

We are leaving the well-rounded Goriška Brda and Ščurek Winery. Just like any other time, I think that we cannot find anything better, more Slovenian or sweeter for the soul. I am this close to asking my friends to turn around and go home so that I can enjoy another tasting in the company of the wines we bought from "The Cricket". Well, thank God some people are more patient than me and that they are not afraid to stand their ground with "No way. There's more to see".

A Symphony of Wines

Ščurek is the next stop on our 2015 tour of Slovenia. It quickly became one of our favorite family wineries and since their wines are amazing, we decided to spread the word and share the joy.

Wine and Seafood among the Hills of Goriška Brda

The first wine-related place we visited was during our trip around Slovenia Bužinel, recommended by locals and referred to as the best seafood restaurant in Goriška Brda.

The Biginning

Oh, dober dan, dober da-a-an iz Slovenije!

Slovenia is, without a doubt, a boutique country. Few people know about it and appreciate it accordingly. Three years ago it was just a border we had to cross on our way to Italy and, I have to admit, it was a country that we had to keep in mind was not Slovakia but „the other one”. Now it is a place that is in our hearts and we do our best to visit it each year, not to mention I dream of living there someday… having a small vineyard and… well, a tiny, well equipped winery wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.