Describe yourself in a sentence? Born in the early 80s' but recent rumor has it that she doesn't like to talk about it.
Education? MBA, University of Liverpool. Something related to wine? No. She specialized in Marketing and Consumer Behavior, which is her main area of expertise. So, anything related to wine to brag about? Some, but mostly not.
What is your professional qualification enabling your wine blogging? She discovered her interest in wine in 2005 and attended several thematic courses just to realize that she knew nothing on the topic and there was still soooo much to learn. Her motivation behind the blog is to learn and share the adventures and tribulations of a young (back then) wine enthusiast. Elena started reading on the topic of wine, which lead her to winery visits, conversations with oenologists, tastings, etc. Since then, she entertains people with her logorrhea.
What do you love? I love them all! She insists on her lack of preference for specific styles, varieties, and wine regions. She hopes that this day never comes and she will remains open to new things and the experiencing of wine.
What do you hate? I prefer it when people do not define themselves through hate. It is very easy.
Do you have something clever to add? Elena claims that she is immensely thankful to each and every enosiast who manages to find something for her/himself on these pages and wishes everybody happy reading.


Describe yourself in a sentence? Impulsive and compulsive wine lover - a misanthrope in the prime of her life.
Education? Bachelor of Business Administration at City University of Seattle, Master of E-commerce at Warwick University.
What is your professional qualification enabling your wine blogging? 14-year experience of drinking with a general inclination towards wine in the last 7 of them. Natural-born talent, advanced by several wine courses and ~10000 tasting woman-hours in good company.
What do you love? Diversity, the popping sound of a cork and animals, not necessarily in this order.
What do you hate? Airplanes, the lack of manners in its multiple manifestations, warm wine in a plastic cup.
Do you have something clever to add? I forgot to prepare a quote by Paulo Coelho…